27 Apr 09

Princess Bella Rios

Bella Rios did some foofy work before for a few typical porn sites: Nothing noteworthy like this. You could tell she was used to having her hand held like a little princess prior to us. Not her.. We don’t fuck around. As soon as she got on her knees and the cocks began to pump her face, you could see her dignity leaving her body, as her pride tried to pull it back in. It wasn’t happening. A little tear began to flow down her cheek as she realized she was nothing more than a sexual object, and that she was reduced to this by her own doing. After pumping her throat and vag, she was ready for her final act on the stage of degradation. She took 3 nuts to her face and gave a smirk where you could tell she knew she was owned. Then we came to our crescendo with an on cue, 3 at once spit, that turned her “deer in headlights” look to one of anger. No sass here, little Latina whore. That’s not how we run our ship.



Last Modified: April 27th, 2009
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ñýíêñ çà èíôó!!…

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ñïàñèáî çà èíôó!!…

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good info….

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