26 Mar 09

Tortured Soul

Beverly Hills is a tortured soul. She likes things so rough and degrading, I didn’t know where to begin. We shoved the GX-32 Modulator in her mouth and revved it up. She got face fucked until she had nothing left in her stomach. She got slapped around like a stray dog, and when she bent over to take it in the ass, we had her make herself puke into a dog bowl at the same time. She looked so helpless, and humiliated, with empty eyes, as she kneeled on all fours, with 2 fingers down her throat and a cock in her ass pumping in a very unfriendly manner. She looked empty, as if something told her to shut down mentally and just go through the motions. It was at that time we nutted on her face, to add a dose of shame to the recipe which we were cooking up.



Last Modified: March 26th, 2009
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