16 Nov 08

Latina Erotica Ryan Sky

Ryan Sky simply looked better with a bag over head. I’m not saying she’s ugly; she’s actually pretty cute. She just looks better with a bag over her head. She was dressed like the ugly one from the Cosby Show, yet she’s Latina. Go figure. I try not to get involved.. But I can tell you she got the shit smacked out of her. I mean getting face fucked with a bag over your head is some serious shit, and Big Red and Donkey Dick weren’t having it with the excuses. I sat there shaking my head as the carnage unfolded, and her bronze Latina skin developed an Irish sun tan from getting smacked so much. After all the mayhem it came time for my favorite part, aside from abusing Latinas that is.. Nutting on the whores face. Look at her, and look close. I’ll leave it at that.

Last Modified: November 16th, 2008
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ñýíêñ çà èíôó….

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