9 Aug 09

White Trash Sucker

Lainna is white trash. I can’t put it any other way than that. I mean, she lives in a trailer that gets hit by tornadoes every few years. Now isn’t that 2 qualifications of white trash? Indeed. But she could suck a mean dick. She probably learned that being passed around from one adoption home to another. That never leads to anything productive, except it keeps the porn industry filled with fresh talent. Lainna was good at working the cock and balls. Even though she didn’t like swallowing, probably due to a bad experience somewhere along the road, but she did it for us. She took the load into her mouth and played with it until it was 3 times the size, and then she spit it into the cup over and over, until she was ready for a big tall glass of cum. It didn’t go down that smooth, but why should I give a fuck?



Last Modified: August 9th, 2009
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thank you!!…

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