11 Jun 09

Bi Sexual Latina

Nicki is a pain in the ass PR. She’s one of those bisexuals that like women more than men, and think that men shouldn’t be allowed to have their way with women. I disagree… strongly. She had an attitude that needed fixing, and fast. After a slow start, we finally got the cocks past her tonsils and that’s when the juices began to flow like a crime spree during the PR day parade. Then, she wanted to get DP’d. Two huge gringo cocks began to pillage her ass and pussy at the same time. Her asshole was turned into something that didn’t resemble an asshole anymore. After a few smacks and chokes later, and some gaping holes, and a dog bowl full of beans and rice, she was ready for her whore face to get blessed in gringo goo. She sat there, puzzled and pondering why she did this. We sat that spitting on her.



Last Modified: June 11th, 2009
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